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Kira Valentìnovna Ivanòva. International class master of figure skating (soviet sport title)



- Born January 10, 1963 in Moscow.


- live with her grandmother Liubov Mikhailova on Usacheva str., Moscow, near metro station Sportivnaya. Grandmother accompanied her on the rink, because parents were divorced and little daughter were engaged. In 1969 Kiras mother marries, Kira gained a stepfather and in 1970 born her sister Lena.


- first coach - Irina Anikanova (daughter of famous speed skater Ivan Anikanov) in Moscow region Spartak Club. She saw Kira in 1969 at the skating rink in a park: so careful and very pretty child with such a remarkable break eyes and a smile, wonderful girl was. The girl has never avoided exercises and has always worked very well . Anikanova was not just a coach, but also as a second mother. Concerned about Kira, cultivate, helped financially.


- At the expense of trade unions was created a special group. Kira Ivanova which included, and have spent a lifetime to sport. At the insistence of the grandmother, Kira took textbooks and manages school control tests in the intervals between training.


- In 1978 special group eradicated a blind alley, from Anikanova took all the students and handed them to more influential coach. Kira refused to change the coach. Then Anikanova was forced to leave the country and Kira moved to a group of Viktor Kudriavtsev


- January, 1978 - Sverdlovsk - IV Winter Spartakiada of the USSR, took 2nd place


- 25 March 1978 became as first Soviet figure skater, who won a silver medal at the Junior world championship in Megeve (France)


- 28 October 1978 at Skate Canada she complete two triple jumps, try to made double axel half loop triple salchow combination, she accompanied by Elena Tchaikovskaya


- November, 1978 - 2-nd place at Moscow News trophy


- from 1979 - choreographer Alla Kapranova


- the first gold medal in her career - won in January 1979 at the USSR championship in Zaporozhje


- January 1979 Zagreb, she debuted at European Championships, took 10th place

- 13-18 March 1979 - Vienna, debuted at the world championships, took 18th place, in free program performs 2 triple toeloops, the first time in combination with double toe


- 30 march 2 april 1979 Tomsk won USSR Cup


- November, 1979 1st place at Moscow News trophy


- January, 1980 - Gothenburg - European Championships, took 11th place


- 22, 23 and 25 February, debuted at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid (USA), took 16th place, in free program completed three triple jumps


- 7-11 january 1981 - Odessa 1st place at USSR Championships


- January 1981 - Innsbruck - European Championships, took 7th place. At World Championships go Elena Vodorezova, 1980 USSR Champion.


- 3-8 March 1981 - Hartford (USA) - World Championships, took 12th place, made the big splash by taking in the short program 4th place with a combination double axel- double Rittberger.


- 2-6 april 1981 Sverdlovsk won USSR Cup, taking 1st place at all three parts of competition, a head of Elena Vodorezova


- October 1981 3rd place at Skate Canada, complete her best free program ever, with four triples, including very clean triple rittberger. Canadien commentator Otto Jelinek tell about her intensive work with Alexander Zaitsev, soviet 2-time Olympic champion. Kira works with Bolshoi Theatre choreographers.


- November, 1981 - 2nd place at Moscow News trophy


- In 1982 change training club to "Dynamo" and her new coach two-time world champion Vladimir Kovalev. Kovalev was in conflict with the authorities, he was two-time denied

honored master of sport title. Kira loves Vladimir, but they did not come to wedding.


- January, 1982 - Krasnoyarsk - V Winter Spartakiada of the USSR, took 1st place, but did not arrive at the doping control, not because she was afraid to go, but ignore this procedure in case of drinking with Vladimir Kira was disqualified and later was suspended from national team. Expelling of Ivanova from national soviet team make to change her previous principles, gave a strong impetus to creativity.


- November, 1982 Kira is admitted to Moscow News trophy, and won the compulsories and short, but lost free skating, due to many mistakes and came only 3rd overall


- 10 april, 1983 Kira won the USSR Cup in Krasnoyarsk, and thats was the reason to including in national team for 1983/84 season


- from 1983 - choreographer Alla Kapranova work again with Kira.


- 1983 soviet sports authorities critisize a famous soviet ladies skaters trio Vodorezova Kondrashova - Ivanova,. "We have always called useless," said Kira,

in comparison with successful american, german ladies ... "


- 9-14 January 1984, Budapest - European Championships, took 4th place


- 15, 16 and 18 February 1984 Sarajevo, her second Olympics. Kira Ivanova, for the first time in the history of the Soviet Women's figure skating, gets a medal - bronze!

In free program Kira tries to complete a very difficult set of five triple jumps. But she accompanied by Eduard Pliner, not by Kovalev.


- 19-24 March 1984 - Ottawa - at world championships in 1984, took 4th place, with unsuccessful free skating, she accompanied by Elena Tchaikovskaya.


- December, 1984 1st place at Moscow News trophy


- 8-13 January 1985 Rostov-na-Donu USSR championship, took 2nd place


- February 9, 1985 - Gothenburg - European Championships, took 2nd place


- 5-10 March 1985, Tokyo, at world championships in 1985, took 2nd place


- 6-11 January 1986, Leningrad, USSR championship, took 2nd place


- 3-8 February 1986 - Copenhagen - European Championships, took 2nd place


- 18-23 March 1986, Geneva, at world championships in 1986, took 4th place


- November, 1986 1st place at Moscow News trophy


- Says Leonid Raitsin - special physical preparation coach in the national team of the USSR in figure skating: I met Kira, after the short program and she asked for help. She said that during the competition, she never sleeps at night, always was strongly emotional and due to this was tired and, she not compete always successfully. I could not deny it, agreeing to come to her, before bedtime. Everything was very simple (by energetical methods), was a witness to her choreographer, who was present. After 15 minutes we have left, and Kira, as she later told, come sleep very good, as a baby. Well slept all night. Very well skate the free program and won competitions. After that she said that usually after the competition she was very tired and must have a the week for the relaxation, but at this moment even ready to compete again. Here is the case. About the music in her program: Kira come to the free program, having the state of fatigue. Therefore it was necessary to link the music in such a way that she must to able to finish it. Regarding her jumps, Kira could do it the more accurately, if the velocity is lower, so with slow music she can do it better.

Then we have already met with her on the warm-up - she requested her help in the preparation. Of course, Kira was a technically gifted figure skater, and with very good structure for figure skating .


- 6-11 January 1987 - Vilnius, USSR championship, took 2nd place, lost free skating (won by Kondrashova)


- 3-8 February 1987 - Sarajevo - European Championship 1987, took 2nd place


- 10-15 March 1987- Cincinnati (USA) at world championships in 1987, ranked 5th


- 11-16 January 1988 - Prague - European Championships, took 2nd place


- 24, 25 and 27 February 1988 - Calgary, on her third 1988 Olympic Games, Kira Ivanova leads after school figures and unfortunately makes errors in short and free program.

Kira end her amateur career, because she did not participate at 1988 world championship.


- Kira parted ways with Kovalev


- 19 november 1989 her grandmother dies


- after ending her amateur career, in 1988 took parts in movies, worked in Theater of ice miniatures of Igor Bobrin, and tried to be a coach.

Although, remember her close friends, it was not easy. Kira was dislodged from the track, could not sleep, and take a sedatives. Everything seemed to be normal, but suddenly her three best students change a coach. Two time in three months Kira was brought to the road accident and broke the car ...


- Kira had two legitimate husband. First, dancer of Bolshoi Theatre, but the marriage quickly divorced. The second, from 1990, Konstantin Tarelin, was Vice Director of the Theater of ice miniatures. As often happens, husband, came at home and find Kira drunken. He try to change her life, but at the end they too divorced.


- After leaving Ballet Kira at long period cant find the work.


- 1991-92, with husband left for Istanbul to work on contract in Turkey, but instead of the three years it would last only a few months. Kira became pregnant, but the child was abandoned because it was in contrary to the contract.


- 1992-93-nothing done in sport, because Kira make a vacation : bought Caucasian sheepdog and cure him as a child. Then dont stood, she went to work in the private figure skating club, to coach the kids and the elderly. But Kira cant forget the sence of uselessly, and now dont want to do anything at all. In her soul, probably, something crushed ...


- in 1994 Kira find a work in the Moscow Dynamo City Council. The officials of Dynamo did all to support Kira. Moreover, in addition to the natural efficiency, she opened a rare gift of coaching. One of her most famous pupil was Anastasia Myshkina, the daughter of five world champion, goalkeeper of the USSR hockey team, Vladimir Myshkin.


- in 1994 suicide Kiras sister twin Lena Sokol, which was under her for seven years


- 1996 - she came after a car accident, which came through no fault of their own. Were any plans, but the situation with coaching is not very stable.


- in 1998 Kira came to Russian Sport Committee, ask : can I get a honored master of sport title? She answered : why you want to have it now? ...


- in 2000 at Russian figure skating Federation conference publicly asked forgiveness from Viktor Kudriavtsev


- 2001 - treated several times from devastating addiction-in Sklifosovsky Clinic, in the 17th narcological dispensary of Moscow. Nothing helped.


- In September 2001, Kira dismissing sports club "Dynamo". It was simply denied any means of livelihood. Kyra was selling things. As friends say, sometimes in her apartment could catch and tramps, and some unknown persons. Although noisy companies athlete is not loved.


- In October 2001 passed a new treatment in the dispensary. It brought in a state of strong alcohol (which lasted one and a half months), she was very closed


- about December 8, 2001 Kira Ivanova called to another skater Elena Alexandrova, which in recent times has worked on Club Medvedkovo, and indicated her willingness to return to work.


- December 18 evening Kira telephoned stepfather : said for him what all is good. After that she sent her beloved dog, a german shepherd- Fidel, to flatmate country-house. Neighbor Margarita Zhirnova met Kira, when she came to her apartment, saying: "In the evening I'll come to you"


- killed on December 18, 2001 in her apartment on Dekabristov street, n.8 / 1 , in Moscow.


- in the evening of 20 December 2001 Kira Ivanova was found by neighbors and stepfather. She had lain naked in bed. The blood on the neck, chest-terrible wounds 17 knife wounds. Sadist victimized his victim : scissors cut hair All indications were that Kira knows the murderer and let to come into her apartment. Who was? Sexual maniac? Any robber or any bandit? Just another nodding acquaintance? The police preferred the latest version, because in last period her apartment was almost empty. Cups, trophies and medals were exchanged on alcohol. But remained badge sign of 1980 Olympic games participant, which the murderer is not interested


- A medical examination found that death occurred 2 days ago, in the blood of murdered contain lethal dose of alcohol.


- December 21, 2001 Moscow Butyrskiy district prosecutor's office start a criminal research. Police found that over the past 2 years Kiras social circle has changed, they were just home neighbors and some former clients of narcological clinic. Who killed Kira, and the reasons had remained unknown (as for 2003).


- The money for Kira Ivanova funeral was allocated by Russian figure skating Federation and sport society Dynamo. Mother report that the urn with the Kiras ashes buried in the tomb of sister and grandmother in Khovanskoye cemetery in Moscow. now is confirmed. The tomb is situated on site number 2 of the crematorium area (photo of grave is here:


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